About Us

The Association for Research, Innovation, and Social Science (ARISS) is an independent, non-profit international association established in Torino, where it maintains a permanent secretariat. At its founding in 2011, ARISS was mostly Italian in its organization and outlook. But our work expanded internationally after changing in 2015 the Association’s denomination and statute. Currently, we operate a network of researchers throughout Europe and Asia.


During the period between Nov. 2011 and Oct. 2015, the Association was denominated as ‘Osservatorio dell’Asia Orientale’.ariss logo

Associazione per la Ricerca, Innovazione e Scienze Sociali
[translated: Association for Research, Innovation and Social Science]
Tax Code (CF): 977 487 00016
Address: Via Cernaia 14, 10122, Turin, Italy.
Fax: (+39) 011 0371950