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Our Mission

The Association for Research, Innovation, and Social Science (ARISS) is an independent, non-profit association founded in Torino. The Association nurtures new generations of scholars, deepens how research is practiced across disciplines and mobilizes knowledge on important public issues. ARISS is guided by the belief that fair access to higher education and open access scholarship are necessary conditions for social development. The Association strives to ‘open up’ social sciences to a wider public and establish transdisciplinary debates to tackle the complexity of persisting socioeconomic issues.

What are our projects?

ARISS is currently active in pursuing the following projects:

  • Promotion of multidisciplinary and innovative research in social sciences through the construction of an interdisciplinary network of scholars that fosters information sharing.
  • Realization of projects and events set to raise public awareness about the scope and methodology of academic research in social science.
  • Organization of public conferences that survey the state of social sciences and give the opportunity to young scholars to present their researchers to a broader audience.
  • Organization of topical seminars and educational programs set to teach new methodologies of research in social sciences.
  • Publication of books and academic journals that provide the opportunity for distinguished scholars and graduate students to publish unconventional and innovative researchers.
  • Offering of academic services, such as online applications, conceived to improve the teaching and learning processes in educational contexts.
  • Promotion of dialogue and information sharing with governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations that share ARISS’ mission.