ARISS fosters research and innovation in academia and in the field of social sciences. It nurtures new generations of scholars, it deepens how research is practiced across disciplines, and it mobilizes knowledge on important public issues. In ARISS we believe that democratization of education is a necessary condition for human development, and we believe that investments in quality education and research are necessary to tackle the complexity of global issues.

We have developed a comprehensive four-pronged approach to promote education and research, in which:

  1. we work to build an interdisciplinary network of scholars that fosters information sharing and innovation in social science;
  2. we publish academic journals in order to provide an opportunity for scholars and graduate students to publish their research.
  3. we organize conferences to promote debate in the academic community, and we organize seminars and educational programs to teach new methodologies of research in social sciences.
  4. we offer academic services, such as online platforms, conceived to improve the teaching and learning processes in educational contexts.